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Brendan Harrington's experience comes from being a successful former Sheriff K9 handler of 11 years. During that time your trainer has learned several different training styles that are used to shape your dog’s behavior, which have been proven over and over again.   

The methods used at Beaverbrook Kennels are based on each dog's physical and mental characteristics to avoid any “cookie cutter” type training and ensures that your dog will learn commands with the least amount of correction and will have fun pleasing you as the owner.  


Most dogs are shaped with food/toy reward and assisted with low-level e-collar (electronic collar) training. 


Not only will we prepare your dog’s future with a solid foundation for obedience but your trainer will spend the necessary one on one time with you, the owner, to ensure your dogs acclamation back to you as the handler.  

If you watch our videos, please compare to others you may have seen and take note that our dogs are having fun while training!

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